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Here are some of the ways we can serve you in helping you prepare for your study and immigration abroad

Our Preparatory Exams – IELTS, TOEFL

Do you want to make the perfect Grade for your IELTS and become a qualified Immigrant to USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and United Kingdom?

Our Preparatory Exams – GMAT

Do you want to make the perfect Grade for your GMAT and become a qualified student for your study USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and United Kingdom?

Emotional Wellness Coaching

This is a coaching session with our In House Certified Life & Emotional Wellness Coach designed specifically to help students once they are about to leave or even when they are in their study destinations. The Coach provides unique ways to deal with anxiety, fear, loneliness, cultural/ environmental shocks and other forms of emotional and mental health issues. Terms and conditions may apply.

Research options

At ABCD Education, we let you know the different options available and how to identify an institution that best fits your aspirations. We help students select their courses and universities.

Financial advice

Need funding? We are here to show options or check out our partner universities/ colleges financial aid opportunity list

Complete your application

ABCD Education will help you plan ahead, know the documents and requirements to apply for your program to hasten up your admission processes.

Apply for your visa

ABCD Education will assist you to become familiar with visa requirements and allow plenty of time to prepare your application.

Speedy Admission Processing

We have built solid working relationships with our affiliate schools; thus, we are able to offer prospective students a speedy application process into any of our top affiliate institutions.

Prepare for your departure

At ABCD Educational Services, you will be provided with Pre-departure information including gathering documents for arrival and immigration compliance.

Academic Counselling

We offer educational counseling to all students. We explain the educational system of their country of choice and we match their qualification to a suitable program. This will help them in navigating the system seamlessly.

Orientation and Group Tours

Upon arrival in your chosen country, our clients are greeted and briefed by our team in our specialized orientation program. They are equipped with tools and necessary information for a smooth transition into life.


Most frequent questions and answers

There are many benefits that come with international education. Some of which includes getting high quality education while being exposed to a new culture and a global and more vast mindset altogether.  It also creates more room for future employment prospects and career opportunities.

This largely varies from individual to individual. We will have to profile you to advise on a suitable option for you.

The processes include:  Professional counselling and guidance on selection of course and destination, getting admission, your visa and all.(contact us for more information about the details.)

Your study duration depends largely on the duration of your course of study.

It varies from destination to destination.

Yes, additional proof of funds will be required. Other terms and conditions may apply too depending on various factors

Academic, employment, financial documents e.t.c

Some destinations or schools require it, while some do not.

It depends on the study destination.

The process starts as soon as you decide to study abroad. As earlier stated, it starts from professional guidance and counselling to help your decision making

There’s no fixed cost to this, it depends largely on the study destination and course of study.

For more details, please feel free to contact us or book a free 20 mins consultation.

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